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Leadership Video Series

Dawn Lepore Former CIO, Charles Schwab

Comparing Large and Small Companies

Notable differences in company size and advice for transitioning

Ken DiPietro Fmr Head of HR, Biogen Idec

Employee Reviews & Feedback

Best practices for reviews/feedback with Four Core Ideas

John McCracken Fmr SVP Global Sales, Castlight Health

Managing Pipelines

How to distribute leads and what metrics to follow to hit your numbers

Paul Bell Former President, Dell

Enterprise Partnerships

Considerations for partnering with large companies and importance of finding the right point person

David Pottruck Former CEO, Charles Schwab


Best practices for choosing and working with advisors

Joe Payne Former CEO, Eloqua

Managing Distributed Workforces

The importance of leveraging cadence and technology for distributed workforces

Brett Hurt Former CEO, Bazaarvoice

Being CEO

How the roles of CEO evolves and working with a CEO coach

Frederic Mazzella Co-founder, BlaBlaCar

Building a Great Marketplace

What makes a great marketplace and key metrics to monitor

Nat Friedman CEO, Xamarin

Building Culture

Hiring best practices and maintaining culture across offices

Nicolas Brusson CEO, BlaBlaCar

Scaling to New Markets

Steps to consider when expanding to new markets and scaling the team and culture

Rod Favaron CEO, Spredfast


Key metrics and best practices for SaaS companies

Scott Miller Former CEO, Hyatt


How to work with and properly leverage advisors

Bill Grabe Former VP, IBM Services

Working with Acquirers

How to build relationships with acquirers and what questions to ask

Michael Osborne Former CRO, Bazaarvoice

Sales Teams

What to look for in sales talent and how to structure teams and comp

Russell Fradin CEO Dynamic Signal

Being CEO

Advice for early stage CEOs and importance of a board

Stan McKee Former CFO, Electronic Arts

Hiring a CFO

Core competencies of an effective CFO and what questions to ask