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Despite a fickle market for fancy home appliances, new investors get behind Brava Home

Brava Home, an IoT company, has new funding


Lead Edge’s Neider on Apple, Bloomberg’s Ovide on FB

LEC Partner Brian Neider starts at 3:15 in the clip and touches on Apple earnings and opportunities in cloud technology.


Inside the Mind of a New York VC: Mitchell Green of Lead Edge Capital

Mitchell chatted about his start in venture, the unique LP structure and associated value proposition at Lead Edge, what he looks for in investments, and much, much more.


Google and Facebook ‘are making it really hard for smaller internet businesses’ to compete

Google, Facebook and other big tech companies "are making it really hard for smaller internet businesses" to compete, Lead Edge Capital partner Nimay Mehta told CNBC on Tuesday.


Facebook’s reality problem

Lead Edge Capital Partner Mitchell Green joined Squawk Alley on CNBC to discuss Facebook's strategy in AR and VR.


A Challenge to Finding Uber’s New COO: Its CEO

Help Wanted: A chief operating officer to help change a Silicon Valley giant's now-notorious "bro" culture, but who can thrive in a power dynamic that hands the boss overwhelming control...


Forbes 30 under 30: Venture Capital

LEC Partner Nimay Mehta was selected for Forbes' 30 Under 30 in Venture Capital in 2017


Here’s the competition Snap faces in Asia

Snap is clearly a company with global ambitions, and as it prepares to go public, it is inevitable that it will face questions about how it can compete in overseas markets -

Bloomberg Tech

Bloomberg Technology (04/04/17)

Watch Lead Edge Capital Partner Brian Neider starting at 25:00 comment on U.S. tech giants looking to grow in India. He shares comments on the Indian tech landscape as well.

Spotify may issue stock but skip the IPO. How that could avoid the SNAP effect… or not.

It has been reported that Spotify will likely pursue an IPO-like maneuver called a "direct listing" in 2017. LEC Partner Nimay Mehta provides more commentary on what it means for shareholders...


Mitchell Green has Invested in Companies like Alibaba Group, Uber, and More

Watch Mitchell speak to Cheddar about our investments in Alibaba and Uber.

VC Journal

Culling the unicorns? Down rounds seen increasing in 2017

Nearly a third of the 90 U.S. tech startups that have reached $1-billion-plus valuations will eventually be worth less than $1 billion, according to report by private-markets-research firm SharesPost in the fall.

Wall Street Journal

Startup Funding Frenzy Cools

Venture-capital investors scaled back funding of startups in 2016, capping a year haunted by overpriced private valuations and wariness of taking companies public.

Behind the Markets Podcast

Dow 20,000 & Market Outlook

Hear Lead Edge Capital Partner Brian Neider starting at 29:50. He speaks about his background at Bessemer Venture Partners and the strategy of Lead Edge, He also shares some market commentary.

Bloomberg Tech

Bloomberg Technology (04/07/17)

Watch this Bloomberg Technology video to see Lead Edge Capital Partner Nimay Mehta featured at approx 30:30. He spokes about some of our portfolio companies, including Spotify and Uber.